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The call for abstracts for the 3rd Conference on Games, Interaction, Reasoning, Learning & Semantics: Evolution and Cooperation held at Lund, Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Science on April 28-30, 2014, has submission deadline February 7th.

The 3rd Lund Conference on Games, Interaction, Reasoning, Learning and Semantics (GIRLS’14@LUND) welcomes submissions from researchers in philosophy, cognitive science, economics, and linguistics, using agent based models with bounded rationality, models of evolutionary dynamics, and other naturalistic approaches. The primary conference aims are to foster cooperation between these groups and help establish common ground.

Click on the link below for more information:

GIRLS’14@LUND — Call for Abstracts.

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Fourth International Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction

Submission deadline: Saturday, June 1 2013

Conference date(s):
Wednesday, October 9 2013 – Saturday, October 12 2013

Center for the Study of Language and Cognition, Zhejiang University

Hangzhou, China

The LORI workshop series aims at bringing together researchers working on a wide variety of logic-related fields concerned with the understanding of rationality and interaction. These include Game Theory and Decision Theory, Philosophy and Epistemology, Linguistics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. The series aims at fostering a view of Logic as an interdisciplinary endeavor, and supports the creation of a Chinese community of interdisciplinary researchers.

We invite submissions of contributed papers bearing on any of the broad themes of the LORI workshop series. More specific topics of interest for this edition include but are not limited to: (more…)

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September 2-4 2013
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Aristotle’s logic is often treated as though it falls into two quite distinct parts: the deductive syllogistic system, discussed in the Prior and Posterior Analytics and the dialectical system, discussed in the Topics and Sophistical Refutations. Each of these parts has received sustained, independent attention: logicians have done much to articulate the structure of Aristotle’s syllogistic, while commentators have seen Aristotle’s dialectic as key to his whole philosophical enterprise.  (more…)

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The 2nd Conference on Games, Interactive Rationality, and Learning (G.I.R.L.13@LUND), will be held in Lund, at the Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Science on April 23-26, 2013. The deadline for abstract submissions is January 15, 2013.

Call for Papers:

Aims of the conference

The 2013 Lund Conference on Games, Interactive Rationality, and Learning (G.I.R.L.13@LUND) intends to bring together researchers in philosophy, cognitive science, linguistics, and economics sharing interest in agent-based modeling as a tool to investigate the emergence of rational behavior in groups of less-than-ideally rational agents, through learning, and interaction.

The G.I.R.L.13@LUND conference will focus on the evolution of inference, in the sense of: (i) evolutionary processes driven by natural selection, and: (ii) intra-contextual evolution of interacting agents inferences.


We welcome submissions of original research, primarily on the following topics:

  • Relations between ecological rationality of choice and inference heuristics, and choice-, decision- and game-theoretic axiomatic approaches to rationality;

  • Models of signaling games, evolutionary games, or games with bounded agents;

  • Learning-theoretic approaches of inquiry, knowledge acquisition and reasoning;

  • Single- and multi-agent simulation-based approaches to learning and decision-making.

Submissions on related subjects not listed above are welcome.


Submitted abstracts will be peer-rewied and selected on the basis of their quality and relevance to the conference topics.
Please prepare a 200-400 words abstract for blind review, in .pdf format, and submit it electronically at the EasyChair account of the conference:https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=girl13lund


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The third meeting in the series Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees will be held on 10-14 September 2012 in Kanazawa, Japan. Former meetings in this series have been in Siena, 2008 and Prague, 2010. The conference is organized by Research Center for Integrated Science, of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the EUSFLAT Working Group on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic.

Mathematical Fuzzy Logic is a subdiscipline of Mathematical Logic which studies the notion of comparative truth. The assumption that “truth comes in degrees” has proved to be very useful in many, both theoretical and applied, areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy. The main goal of this meeting is to foster collaboration between researchers in the area of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, and to promote communication and cooperation with members of neighbouring fields. The featured topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
•    Proof systems for fuzzy logics: Hilbert, Gentzen, natural deduction, tableaux, resolution, computational complexity, etc.
•    Algebraic semantics: residuated lattices, MTL-algebras, BL-algebras, MV-algebras, Abstract Algebraic Logic, functional representation, etc.
•    Game-theory: Giles games, Rényi-Ulam games, evaluation games, etc.
•    First-order fuzzy logics: axiomatizations, arithmetical hierarchy, model theory, etc.
•    Higher-order fuzzy logical systems: type theories, Fuzzy Class Theory, and formal fuzzy mathematics.
•    Philosophical issues: connections with vagueness and uncertainty.
•    Applied fuzzy logical calculi: foundations of logical programming, logic-based reasoning about similarity, description logics, etc.

We also welcome contributions on any relevant aspects of related logical systems (such as substructural and quantum logics, and many-valued logics in general).
The conference scientific programme will include one tutorial, five invited lectures and contributed talks. Researchers whose interests fit in the general aims of the conference are encouraged to participate.

We invite researchers interested in presenting a paper to submit a 2-4 pages abstract at the Easychair submission page http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=latd2012

The deadline for contributions is 22 April 2012. The notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent until 3 June 2012.

For further information please contact: latd12 at jaist dot ac dot jp

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