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The 2nd Conference on Games, Interactive Rationality, and Learning (G.I.R.L.13@LUND), will be held in Lund, at the Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Science on April 23-26, 2013. The deadline for abstract submissions is January 15, 2013.

Call for Papers:

Aims of the conference

The 2013 Lund Conference on Games, Interactive Rationality, and Learning (G.I.R.L.13@LUND) intends to bring together researchers in philosophy, cognitive science, linguistics, and economics sharing interest in agent-based modeling as a tool to investigate the emergence of rational behavior in groups of less-than-ideally rational agents, through learning, and interaction.

The G.I.R.L.13@LUND conference will focus on the evolution of inference, in the sense of: (i) evolutionary processes driven by natural selection, and: (ii) intra-contextual evolution of interacting agents inferences.


We welcome submissions of original research, primarily on the following topics:

  • Relations between ecological rationality of choice and inference heuristics, and choice-, decision- and game-theoretic axiomatic approaches to rationality;

  • Models of signaling games, evolutionary games, or games with bounded agents;

  • Learning-theoretic approaches of inquiry, knowledge acquisition and reasoning;

  • Single- and multi-agent simulation-based approaches to learning and decision-making.

Submissions on related subjects not listed above are welcome.


Submitted abstracts will be peer-rewied and selected on the basis of their quality and relevance to the conference topics.
Please prepare a 200-400 words abstract for blind review, in .pdf format, and submit it electronically at the EasyChair account of the conference:https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=girl13lund


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