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Kairos currently presents three annual awards:

These awards are presented each year at the Computers and Writing Conference (winners need not be present although they are certainly encouraged to attend).

Please click on any of the award names for criteria and submission guidelines. Kairos also announces the calls for award nominations on various electronic mailing lists and on Kairosnews.

We also invite you to browse the list of past award winners to experience the variety of webtexts and weblogs which have qualified in the past.

The deadline for nominations for all awards is FEBRUARY 20, 2011.

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Have a look at this interesting sequence of images by David J. Staley over at Kairos.  When you get there give it a few minutes to cycle through all the images.  This series of images is put forward as a visual argument.  Clearly it’s visual (well mostly, at any rate), but is it an argument?  If so, what is the conclusion of the argument and what are the premises?

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