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As if a new issue of Cogency wasn’t enough to keep us all engrossed in our reading, there is a new issue of Informal Logic out as well. Hilde van Belle’s, “Less Ado, More Done: Verbal and Visual Antithesis in the Media” offers an excellent a contributions both to the worthy effort to explain the idea of antithesis in Aristotle’s rhetorical framework (per Fahnestock) and to the ongoing discussion about multi-modal arguments. It is well worth the time of anyone interested in either discussion.  Though quite a different paper, “The Dialogical Force of Implicit Premises: Presumptions in Enthymemes”, by Fabrizio Macagno and Giovanni Damele is also a very thorough and fascinating treatment of its topic. Haven’t gotten to the other papers yet, but these two suggest a very strong issue of IL indeed.

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