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PhD positions Forensic Science (2,0 fte)

Job description

These two PhD positions are part of the project “Designing and
Understanding Forensic Bayesian Networks with Arguments and Scenarios”
that is funded by the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research in
the Forensic Science program (www.nwo.nl/forensicscience). The project
is a cooperation of the University of Groningen (Department of
Artificial Intelligence) and Utrecht University (Department of
Information and Computing Sciences) supported by partners from
forensic legal practice. (more…)

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Informal Logic vol. 31 no. 2

Volume 31, number 2 of Informal Logic is now available for your reading pleasure.  Particularly recommended in this issue is Geoff Goddu’s 2010 AILACT Essay Prize-winning article on the process/product ambiguity.  I had the good fortune to see this work in an earlier phase at ISSA last summer and I’m very happy to see it in print here.  It’s a valuable article not only for it’s methodological challenge to what is for many in the study of argumentation a foundational notion, but because it spurs us to think more carefully about the metaphysics of argument in general.  The paper and its author well deserve the recognition of the AILACT prize.

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