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Pragmatics and Dialectics of Argument: Special Issue of the Journal Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric


K. Budzynska, F. van Eemeren & M. Koszowy (Eds.)

February 4, 2013

This special issue on Pragmatics and Dialectics of Argument is the third of a series of special issues dedicated to argumentation in the journal Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric (SLGR). The previous two issues were dedicated to major research strands in the philosophy of argument (vol. 29, 2009; in its introduction to Informal Logic, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says of SLGR that it has “published important special issue on the field”), and the computational approaches to argumentation (vol. 36, 2011).

The volume will be organised into two parts focusing on the most general and impor- tant topics in pragmatics and dialectics of argument: Speech Acts and Argument, and Argumentation in Dialogue. This issue will also establish a new platform the aim of which is to encourage and support discussion amongst researchers in the argumenta- tion community. We therefore also solicit ‘Discussion’ papers: shorter contributions commenting on papers published in previous issues of the SLGR argumentation series. (more…)

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