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Here’s a short documentary on appeal to expert authority, produced by the CBC.  I found it by way of Ben Goldacre’s secondary blog. If you don’t know about Goldacre or his work on calling out abusive and phony experts in the UK, you should. His blog Bad Science is highly recommended reading.

The documentary:

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Here’s an interesting bit of controversy over at Leiter’s blog.  Let us leave aside for the moment that the comment spurring it largely constitutes a (pervasive) misunderstanding of what experimental philosophy is and claims to do.  (A better picture of experimental philosophy can be obtained here.)What I find interesting about it is that one thing that seems to be needed in the conversation that follows in the comment thread is a decent analysis of what it means to appeal to expert authority.

Now where, oh where, would they ever find the kind of analysis they need, I wonder?

Heh.  😉

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