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Third International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic

From June 1 to June 4 2011 we will organize the Third International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic (TICTTL), in Salamanca, Spain. Previously, these events have also been organized in Salamanca, in 2000 and in 2006, and the webpages of these past events are http://aracne.usal.es/congress/congress.html and http://logicae.usal.es/SICTTL/. The webpage of TICTTL is http://logicae.usal.es/TICTTL/.

The congress will focus on a variety of topics including: logic teaching software, teaching formal methods, logic in the humanities, dissemination of logic courseware and logic textbooks, methods for teaching logic at different levels of instruction (secondary educuation, university level, and postgraduate), presentation of postgraduate programs in logic, e-learning, logic games, teaching argumentation theory and informal logic, pedagogy of logic.


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