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Mark Battersby and Sharon Bailin have created a blog to supplement their excellent textbook, Reason in the Balance.  I have added it to the RAIL Resources page. You can also have a look at it here.

Reason in the Balance presents students with a novel, inquiry-based approach to critical thinking. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their textbook yet, it Battersby and Bailin’s treatment gathers and synthesizes much of the best recent material from across the different approaches in argumentation theory. It’s worth a look.

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Dear colleagues

We would like to let you know about our new book which has just been published: Reason in the Balance: An Inquiry Approach to Critical Thinking. The approach taken to critical thinking instruction is dialectical, focusing on the kind of comparative evaluation of contending positions and arguments which we make in actual contexts of disagreement and debate.
For more information, please contact the publisher, McGraw-Hill Ryerson at:
Sharon Bailin & Mark Battersby
Note: below is a downloadable flyer with more information. –SP

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