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International workshop
Amsterdam, June 30 – July 1, 2014
Chairs: Fabio Paglieri & Chris Reed
Local organizer: Ulle Endriss


Argument and debate form cornerstones of civilized society and of intellectual life. As online interaction usurps many traditional forms of interaction and communication, we would hope to see these processes alive and well on the web. But we do not. In spite of the ever-growing volume of online interaction, its current mechanisms hamper and discourage serious debate; they facilitate poor quality argument; and they allow fuzzy thinking to go unchecked. Meanwhile, these same online resources are increasingly being trusted and adopted with little critical reflection. The problem needs to be addressed from two different but converging perspectives: (more…)

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Recently I happened upon Big Questions Online, a blog about exactly what it’s name suggests.  There are a few features that mark the blog out as unique. One is it’s sponsor (the Templeton Foundation). Another is the practice they follow of open but moderated conversation about each post. (Think American Dialectic, but less formal.) It’s a good format for argumentation theorists who are interested in studying online exchanges.  The posts are interesting and well-written enough to make them good discussion starters for classes too.

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