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RAIL @ ISSA 2010

Hello all,

As many of you are no doubt aware, ISSA 2010 is but a couple short weeks away.  I will be there, and hope to do some postings live from the event (IF I can find free or at least very cheap wi-fi access).  The aim of these posts will be to give those who cannot attend ISSA a snapshot of the goings-on there, as well as to provide a forum for continuing conversation for participants and attendees.

Certainly I’ll be including summaries of keynote presentations as I will be present for all of them, but I’m curious to know which other aspects of the conference you might be interested in reading about here.  If no one posts anything you’ll just get my take on the papers I want to see (caveat emptor!). 🙂 If there seems to be a lot of interest in particular topics or papers though I’ll make an effort to get to those sessions and write about them too.

So, is there anything in particular at this year’s ISSA conference that you’d like to see covered here at RAIL?  If so, post here and I’ll do the best I can to honor the requests with the most support. If this goes well, I’ll do something similar for OSSA 2011 next year too.

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