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Via Mark Battersby at Capilano University:

I would like to bring to your attention a recently published book on critical thinking about scientific information.  Is that a Fact? teaches students how to think critically about scientific and statistical information. The goal of the text is not only to teach students how to identify misleading use of statistics, but also to give students the understanding necessary to evaluate and use statistical information (e.g. polls) and statistically based science (e.g. epidemiology).  The text is written in an entertaining and informative way focusing on the statistical and scientific information that typically informs personal and public decision making.

Intended as a modern replacement for the venerable “How to Lie with Statistics,” Is that a Fact?” is more up-to-date, more comprehensive and the concepts are more clearly stated making it a much more teachable text.  The text is also written with a different attitude.  While “How to Lie..” was focused on “how to defend yourself against statistical disinformation” this text is focused on “how to make intelligent and critical use of statistical evidence.”

For more information or an exam copy click on the link below


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