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Call for papers:

Argument and Computation – special issue on Argumentation for Consumers of Healthcare

Abstracts due May 15, 2012
Full papers due September 1, 2012.

Topics include but are not limited to computationally-oriented treatments of:

  • Theories of argumentation for health system design,
  • Persuasion for health-behavior change or health management,
  • Negotiation with patients about treatment regimens,
  • Lay-oriented justification of diagnosis or proposed medical interventions,
  • Effective risk communication and meeting other patient education needs via argumentation,
  • Argument source attributes, e.g., establishing credibility and trust,
  • Argument medium attributes, e.g., engagement and immediacy through interaction with conversational agents or multimodal systems,
  • User modeling, i.e., leveraging computational models of the message recipient’s (initial or evolving) attitudes for content selection and presentation design,
  • Assistance for consumers in finding and evaluating evidence, possibly conflicting, in the medical literature or with respect to direct-to-consumer medical advertisements,
  • Tools for training health professionals in argumentation theory and practice,
  • Argumentation-theory based tools for training patients and consumers in critical thinking.

For more information see call for papers for special issue on
the journal’s web site:  http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/tarc

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