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26th Anniversary Annual Meeting
May 3-4, 2014
New York City, NY

Theme: Clinical Reasoning

Conference Co-Chairs:
Ben Lewis, MD University of Utah School of Medicine
Brent Kious, MD PhD University of Utah School of Medicine
Claire Pouncey, MD PhD University of Pennsylvania
John Z Sadler, M.D. UT Southwestern Medical Center

Philosophers and clinicians have good reasons to reflect upon the processes of clinical reasoning. It is perhaps among the most important of the under-theorized and under-discussed elements of mental health practice. Despite being a psychological process that clinicians engage with every day, clinical reasoning remains poorly characterized both methodologically and pedagogically. Furthermore, it remains unclear how to combine the experiential aspects of clinical practice, with its traditional maxims and heuristics, with more evidence-based approaches. Models of psychiatric practice commonly overlook clinical reasoning processes and problems.

For this 26th annual meeting of AAPP, our theme focuses on the conceptual and philosophical aspects of clinical reasoning. (more…)

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